Wednesday, 14 April 2010

How to make a back up copy of your Mac OSX disc.

The following tutorial courtesy of will explain how to make a back up copy of your Mac OSX disc.

Making a DVD Image (copying the disc)

Step 1. Insert the retail Mac OS X Install DVD into your drive.

Step 2. Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities).

Step 3. In Disk Utility, you will notice a white pane on the left hand side. In the pane, select the Mac OS X Install DVD by clicking on it once.

Step 4. Click New Image on the Disk Utility toolbar.

Step 5. A dialog box will appear. Give the new image a name. I used 'Mac OS X Install DVD'. Select the destination where you wish to save it. LeaveImage Format at Compressed (default) and Encryption at None (default).

Step 6. Click Save to begin creating the image.

Step 7. Once your image has been created DO NOT mount it. Leave the image alone and proceed to the next section.

Burning the Image

Step 1. Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities).

Step 2. Click Burn on the Disk Utility toolbar (upper left).

Step 3. Navigate to where you saved the DVD image created in the previous section. Click on the image file, then click the Burn button. Do not drag and drop the image file into Disk Utility during this step.

Step 4. Insert a DVD when prompted and proceed to Burn it. (use good quality media)

You should now have a fully working copy of your Mac OSX disc.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Making an animated gif.

It is extremely straight forward to make an animated gif.

1. Decide which images you would like to turn into an animated gif.

2. Safe the images all at the same dimensions and as jpegs or gifs.

3. Go to and upload your images.

4. Specify the speed and size of your animated gif and click continue.

5. The website will now make and present you with your animated gif.

6. Copy the embedding code or save the gif to your computer by right clicking.

7. You can now upload to a blog or site your new animated gif in the same way as any other image.

What are the dimensions of the 'A' paper sizes?

It's always useful to know the exact measurement for the A paper series, so here thery are. Lucky you.

A10: 26.25 mm x 37 mm
A9: 37 mm x 52.5 mm
A8: 52.5 mm x 74 mm
A7: 74 mm x 105 mm
A6: 105 mm x 148 mm
A5: 148 mm x 210 mm
A4: 210 mm x 297 mm
A3: 297 mm x 420 mm
A2: 420 mm x 594 mm
A1: 594 mm x 841 mm
A0: 841 mm x 1189 mm