Saturday, 1 August 2009

All time favourite movie..... poster

What are the best movie posters of all time and what is it that makes them so special?

This poster for Premonition starring Sandra Bullock is a particularly good example of how a poster is better than the film it's promoting. The film wasn't awful, it was quite good in places but I really like the attention to detail in the poster. Bullock's face can clearly be seen within the branches of the trees making this a very cool poster.

The poster for Little Miss Sun Shine captures the charm of the film wonderfully. I enjoy the poster's simplicty of colour using only shades of yellow, white and black to reflect the playful title.

The poster for Breakfast at Tiffany's is a beautiful illustrative design framed with bold funky primary colours that encapsulate the fashion of the time and Golightly's personality. Hepburn in her black dress jumps off the white page, owning the space as she did the screen. The overall composition has a less is more feel with plenty of white space to allow it to breathe.

Such a simple design with a huge impact. The yellow with black stripe reflects her clothing whilst creating a hard hitting visual that matches the boom of the film. The bold black type face only amplifies this message.

This poster for Trainspotting is purely typographical using the san serif Helvetica type face. It uses nothing more than punchy hard hitting text to give a sense of the films content without the typical routine use of actors or actresses mug shots.

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