Friday, 7 August 2009

Designing a logo. The 5 most important things.

1. It must be memorable.

The very best logos throughout history have been simple designs; easily recognisable and easily remembered. Take for example the Nike swoosh or the McDonalds famous golden arches, both easy to picture and both easy to draw.

2. It must be able to work with and without colour.

Logos will often be used in black and white prints and therefore need to look great in black and white and shades of grey if required. Logos should be designed in black and white first to focus on the shape without the distraction of colour. Once the shape is perfect the colour can be added if desired to further its cause.

3. It must work at all sizes.

All successful logos need to be able to scale down to the smallest of sizes and still look great. Likewise the opposite is also true, when scaled up to larger dimensions the logo must appear faultless in it's compositional balance.

4. It must be appropriate.

A beautiful logo is pointless if it holds no relation to the business it is fronting. Before ideas for a logo design begin it is crucial to research into the line of business the logo is representing. It is more so important to identify the business' unique attributes that set it apart from it's competitors.


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Some of my logo designs of this year:

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  1. A logo is something that people can associate your business to, that's why it's a one time-big time chance to make it work to your advantage! Just take a look at other successful companies with noticeable logos, they're simple and catchy. That's something you can manage to do too!